A Few Things That Make Me Happy

Planners. Yes, those things with dates and spaces to write down your list for the day. I bought this one at Barnes and Noble. Please don’t ask how much I paid for it.

The fact that Postmates delivered my iPad in less than hour from when I placed the order online. It’s so fucking genius.

Tattoos. I didn’t start getting tattoos until I was 35 years old. My first tattoo was of a poisonous flower – a pink oleander.

Then I moved on to my second one. A tribal style sea turtle with a sampaguita (Philippine National Flower). This one hurt like a bitch and took forever to heal.

Then my latest one. I took the coordinates of where I was born and the coordinates of where my husband grew up. The crazy part – the cities are sister cities. Instead of putting his name on me, I went down this route instead. It’s still permanent and even if we split up, he’s always going to be a permanent fixture in my life because I trapped him with 2 kids.

Then of course, I had to do this today…