About Me

I’m a mom and a wife. I’m extremely clueless but resourceful. I suffer from ADHD and among other things.

I don’t have any set goals in life. I’m just winging it. This is the honest truth. If someone asked me where I will be in 5 years…it’ll be where I am right now. Most likely lost and confused. Not knowing where life will take me. This has been how I’ve lived my life the past 36 something years.

I love my kids. More than anything in this world. I love my husband…he’s my rock. I love my dog, she’s the sweetest thing to ever exist in my life who doesn’t ask much from me. I love my cats who give me love in their own special way. My other pets, a hamster named Winter and a snake named Mr. Fluffles may not express love but I know they’re grateful for the loving home I’ve brought them in.

I have generalized anxiety disorder. I think it’s also gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I also suffer from chronic clinical depression. It’s also taken over my life. I have ADHD…which explains a lot about my behavior. But that’s no excuse for the shitty things I’ve done.

If you want to contact me, you may reach me at nicole@spasian.org. Please no spam or porn as I get enough of those.