Chilling The Fuck Out

Saturday morning, instead of our usual Netflix Binge and Stuff Our Faces, we decided to clean the fuck out of the house. He knocked out the bathrooms and I cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed. I hate cleaning bathrooms. 🤢

This went on through early Sunday Morning. My house has never been cleaner.

But now, I’m relaxing. Yesterday was errands day which meant driving around in that heat. I hate summers here.

There’ll be no cleaning today except for the cats’ boxes. There’ll be no errands that take all day long.

There’s only reading, binging on Netflix, napping, making the kitties love me, rub Ginger’s velvety ears, hug my children until they can’t stand it anymore, and doing nothing.

I’m chilling the fuck out today.

Two Weeks Later

I really should be enjoying this time off. It’s been two weeks since I left my job and it’s been a week since my surgery. I can’t sit still. Life is straight up kicking my ass.

I’ve been to two interviews so far. I’m not getting my hopes up about either of them. But regardless, I’m going to keep applying to jobs that I know won’t destroy my soul…or whatever is left of it.

Even though I’ve been feeling better since the surgery, sometimes I still have to sit down and take a quick break because I start feeling the pain. My husband keeps telling me to just chill and stop doing too much because my body is still healing. He’s right…but, dammit, I’m not used to being unproductive. I have to have a purpose for the day or I’ll be bored and do stupid things like upgrade my phone or buy new highlighter. Or spend $80 on shoes for my daughter which I know she’ll outgrow next month.

I’m also house hunting because my lease is up and JesusTapDancingChrist, rent in this area is too damn much. Also, I don’t really need 1,800 sf because I hate cleaning and there are stairs. So we’re looking into moving into an apartment or a condo which would be easy to keep clean and no stairs. But I deliberately bought a cordless vacuum because of the stairs. Where am I going with this? Oh…yeah, I bought a cordless vacuum to use on the stairs but we’ll be moving to a place without stairs. But I really love my vacuum so I’m keeping it.

So it’s just a waiting game with the job prospects. In the meantime, I did get a new book so hopefully that should keep me occupied. Hopefully.

A Few Things That Make Me Happy

Planners. Yes, those things with dates and spaces to write down your list for the day. I bought this one at Barnes and Noble. Please don’t ask how much I paid for it.

The fact that Postmates delivered my iPad in less than hour from when I placed the order online. It’s so fucking genius.

Tattoos. I didn’t start getting tattoos until I was 35 years old. My first tattoo was of a poisonous flower – a pink oleander.

Then I moved on to my second one. A tribal style sea turtle with a sampaguita (Philippine National Flower). This one hurt like a bitch and took forever to heal.

Then my latest one. I took the coordinates of where I was born and the coordinates of where my husband grew up. The crazy part – the cities are sister cities. Instead of putting his name on me, I went down this route instead. It’s still permanent and even if we split up, he’s always going to be a permanent fixture in my life because I trapped him with 2 kids.

Then of course, I had to do this today…